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Parchment Craft Magazine

Materials Needed




August 2014

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List of materials needed to complete the projects in August 2014 Magazine

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Perforating tools:
Semi Circle
Mini Semi Circle
Angle, Five Needle, Seven Needle (flower), Semi Square,Swirl

6, 4, 32

Tinta Inks:
White, Sepia, Green, Yellow, Red, Fuschia, Violet, Orange

Perga Glue
Tear Off Palette
Brush No 2
Sticky Ink

PCA Tools:
Bold Diagonal Flexi Duo Grid
Fine Straight Flexi Duo Grid
Scallop Edge Cutter

Perga Colours Exclusive
Dorso Colours - Lively Collection & Natural Collection
Dorso Oil

Fantasy Parchment & Vellum:
Violet Parchment
Hydrangea Parchment
Rainbow Parchment
Red Parchment
Printed Butterfly Vellum

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