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Fuschia Card

Designed by Hilary Bucci-Pepper and featured in Parchment Craft Magazine

Free Pattern from Wightcat


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Instructions for Pattern

Fuschia Card

Tools Needed:

Embossing pad
Small grid
Small ball tool
Fine stylus or Micro Ball Tool
Scissors, perga-cutters or squeezers


The border outline with white or coloured tinta
The fold-line with white pencil
Flowers and leaves with sepia tinta or a shade darker than the colours of the flowers and leaves


The picture was painted using felt pens and PCE colours but can be painted using any medium available


Using the fine grid and fine stylus or micro ball tool

example 1


A fine line between the double row of holes - see example

example 2


Small crosses between the diamond shapes

example 3


Also 3 cuts on each side of the inner section of the diamond, making sure you leave the space between the last 2 holes close to the cross

example 4

Fold the perforations:

Very carefully, fold the point of the triangle you have cut down towards the lower section of the diamond, keeping the folded line as straight as you can.

example 5

Cut all around the outside of the border

To Finish the Card:

Add the wording, by whichever method you feel happiest, the wording on this card was written on with a pen. But you could use a ‘stick on’ greeting if you wish.

Fold the card along the fold line

A slightly larger insert than the card was used to show a coloured edge.

This pattern is only for personal use and not for commercial gain
Fuschia card © 2005



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