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Encaustic Art

The ideal iron for Encaustic Art - Smooth Base (no teflon) and a high quality temperature control gives you a STABLE LOW-TEMPERATURE. Packs flat and can be used as a small hotplate palette too! Works worldwide - Dual voltage 120v ~ 120w 60Hz / 240v ~ 240w 50Hz - (comes fitted with a British 3 pin plug if supplied through this online service). This iron is a great tool for creative waxart! [570 gms] - Standard British 3 pin plug

Only available for Mail Order in the UK

Encaustic Art

This electrically powered low heat tool will enable detailed graphics with the wax colours.
It operate on 220/240v systems only.
It comes complete with:
2 x Drawing Tips (Ref#99530600)
1 x Wire Brush head (Ref#99530700)
Small stand (optional to use)
Abrasive paper (for careful reshaping of tips)
User Guide

Only available for Mail Order in the UK

Encaustic Art

Contains everything that you need to start except for the iron. 
The individual contents are worth more than this set costs, so you are getting a bargain - good if you are wanting to start exploring encaustic art, and it makes a great present for all sorts of people too.

  • # 16 wax block colours
  • # 32 page Quick Guide
  • # Metal Scribing Tool
  • # 6 colours @4 x A5 = 24 cards
  • # 40 x A5 white card
  • # 20 x A5 white card
  • # 10 x A4 white card
  • [1300 gms] 

Encaustic Painting Iron - £29.95

Encaustic Low Heat Stylus - £34.00

EncausticArt Set - £38.00


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Updated 19-7-2013

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