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Parchment Craft Books - Abanico Parchment Fans



Exclusive to Wightcat Crafts

In this book, Julie has 27 completely new fan designs she has created and worked on.
Each finished fan is shown in colour with smaller pictures showing fine details and whitework.
The patterns for each fan are separate and printed in full size, which will enable you to follow the instructions.

Abanico Parchment Fans

Abanico - Parchment Craft Fans £29.94

Abanico Parchment Fans
Parchment Fans

About the Author

Julie Roces is very well known in the Parchment Craft World.
Julie lives in the Philippines (Southeast Asia) with her husband and two children.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration
but family responsibilities as well as crafting now take up most of her time.
When not otherwise involved with her handfed cockatoos and Giant Schnauzers,
she indulges in her favourite hobby, Parchment Craft, which she has learned herself.
She loves all forms of papercrafts, as well as other crafts such as beadwork, needlecraft and embroidery.

Julie has also made pattern packs for Pergamano in the past, including M47 Asian Whitework

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