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Scissors, Squeezers & Tweezers





Scissors and Snips suitable for Parchment Craft



The pointed scissors exclusive (silver coloured) for Parchment Craft are especially designed for cutting perforations into crosses, slits and other decorative shapes

Code: 11311






These new pointed scissors make a perfect gift for the fanatic Pergamano enthusiast to indulge herself with. If you are a fan of fine cutting work than these scissors are an excellent tool to work with. The pointed scissors are made of durable stainless steel and contain an innovative ring-lock system which ensures that the position of the blades remains stable. The ring-lock system is especially designed to prevent the two blades from loosening after multiple use. The pointed scissors also has curved cutting blades, which makes it even more easier to place them in the perforations. The extra sharp pointed tips makes the scissors very suitable for fine cutting work. It is a gift for yourself that will bring you many hours of crafting pleasure!
Code: 11315


Fine tip, curved parchment scissors for cutting crosses. (large finger holes)

Pergamano Scissors Exclusive
for Parchment Craft

Scissors - Pointed Ring Lock
for Parchment Craft

PCA Scissors GOLD
for Parchment Craft

Pergamano Pergacutters

Perga Cutters for Parchment Craft


Scissors and Snips for Crafting and Decoupage



Curved Squeezers

Straight Squeezers

RU - Curved Snips
FIne points - 12cm
SQC6 - Curved Squeezers
for decoupage & crafting
SQS3 - Straight Squeezers
for decoupage & crafting


Westcott Straight 4" £3.50
Westcott Straight 7" £4.50
SC Scissors - curved 9cm
for decoupage & crafting
Straight Tweezer scissors £6.50
Straight Tweezer scissors £6.50
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