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Parchcraft Australia Flexi Duo Grids

Straight & Diagonal

Click Here for the Honeycomb Flexi Grids

It is called Duo because each grid is a complete 2 in 1 product - Perforate and Emboss

4  A4 sized varieties to cover all possibilities!


This is not just a stand alone patterning device, it is the complete and advanced upgrade and replacement for the old fashioned way of doing TRADITIONAL gridwork.

Use these for any existing wire mesh gridwork patterns in existence AND use PCA®  Multineedle perforators to make your work accurate, neat... PERFECT!

That's right!

Perfect Gridwork AND you can Emboss "MicroDots" too!


You wanted A4 MicroDot patterning capabilities - Bold Straight FlexiDuo grid is also the answer!

Choose BOLD or FINE Straight (0-90 deg holes) or BOLD or FINE Diagonal (45- 45 deg holes)

in a beautiful Stainless Steel total wire mesh grid replacement template.


Each of these grids are designed with very specific and exact spacing to fit your needle tools, including PCA Multineedle perforators

 ( see list further down page of applicable perforators)

Available individually, as is the matching FlexiDuo Gridmat that fits all ( for perforating only)

However if you purchase a special prepackaged TWIN PACK which contains your choice of Fine or Bold set of 2 both orientations of grids, you will get a FREE FlexiDuo Grid Mat for perforating inside your Twin Pack *

(* TwinPacks are prepackaged and each contain both Fine varieties OR both Bold varieties,

not a mixture of gauges - offer not available on individually packaged grid combination purchases)


Fine flexi duo Straight Fine Diagonal Grid

Fine Flexi Duo Twin Pack

M4012B Fine Flexi Duo Grid - Straight
M4012D Fine Flexi Duo Grid - Diagonal

M4012T Fine Flexi Duo Grid TwinPack with FREE MAT

Bold Flexi duo Straight

Bold flexiduo Diagonal
Bold flexi duo twin pack
M4013B Bold Flexi Duo Grid - Straight
M4013D Bold Flexi Duo Grid - Diagonal
M4013T Bold Flexi Duo Grid TwinPack with FREE MAT



Flexi Duo Grid Mat - this is is larger than the M4014A Grid Mat and fits the exact size of the Flexi Duo Grids

No image available



M4014B A4 Flexi Duo Grid Mat

Key Features and Tips:

  •   Replaces wire mesh grids and the ultimate update/replacement for current PCA MicroDot System, the PCA FlexiDuo Grids do it ALL!
  •  Full A4 size - Stainless stain, ultralight, flexible and easy to clean with common household cleaning solvents.
  •  Use sticky tape to adhere parchment to grid exactly where you need it... any residue will clean right off!
  •  Available singularly as Fine Straight, Fine Diagonal ( for use with PCA Fine Perforators and MicroBall for embossed dots) Bold Straight   and Bold Diagonal (for use with PCA Bold Perforating tools and SmallBall for embossed dots) or as Twin packs prepackaged as Fine or Bold sets.
  •  The holes are ROUND (not square like the gaps between wire mesh) so are the needles of your perforating tool! These grids have been purpose built to exacting standards and the spacing for all 4 varieties have been created to EXACTLY fit your PCA Fine or Bold perforating tools.    NO more putting a round object in a square hole!   We designed them to enable you to take full advantage of the real time saving, yes....but more importantly... neatness of finished work that is a result of using our multineedle perforators. 
  •  As you perforate the neat fit of the tool's needles everso slightly push the parchment into the holes, gripping your work securely till you finish.

Bold OctTool perforating on Bold Straight FlexiDuo grid upon FlexiDuo Mat & Embossing on straight grid

PCA Multineedle tools that can be used with the FlexiDuo grids

Uni Fine

Uni Bold

Fine Leaf

Bold Leaf

Fine twin

Bold Twin

Fine Small Quin

Bold Small Quin

Fine Quad

Bold Quad

Fine 7 Needle Corner

Bold 5 Needle Corner

Fine Oct

Bold Oct

Fine Bow

Bold Bow

Fine TriCorner

Bold TriCorner

Fine TriRow

Bold TriRow                    

Fine Standard Quin

Bold Standard Quin

Fine QuadRow

Bold QuadRow

Fine Slot

Bold Slot

Fine Small 3 x 3 Square  *

Bold Uni Paper Pricker

Fine Diamond Duo

Bold Diamond Duo

Fine Large 3 x 3 Square 

Bold Twin Paper Pricker    *

Fine GridSquare

Bold Gridsquare


Bold Trio Paper Pricker     *

Fine Twig

Bold Twig


Bold 3 x 3 Square              *


* NOTE: Some of the tools listed may only be used in the opposite direction of the grid holes.   ie:-

If using the Fine Straight Grid the Small 3 x 3 Square must be used in the Diagonal Position.

If using the Bold Straight Grid, the Twin and Trio PaperPrickers must be used in the Diagonal Position. 

If using the Bold Straight Grid, the 3 x 3 Square must be used in the Diagonal Position.


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Last Updated 29/05/13

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